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Spiritual Paranoia

Christian artist beckoned by dreams and visions goes on a long road trip during a worldwide plague of boils - but her perception of reality is challenged by the infected.

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The Rock Christian Film

In a world where the church has gone silent, an ordinary rock starts telling a teen to tell people about Jesus. First he thinks he's mad. Then he refuses - he'd rather that evil science teacher and the school bully go to hell anyway! Finally he obeys...

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1010 Poster

After a horrific encounter, Sandy goes on a spiritual and emotional journey to find out if God exists...

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Original Demonic Doorways poster
Demonic Doorways

A supernatural film about idolatry as the cause of horror, sickness and disaster in the lives of ordinary people not even aware of how they have opened doorway to nightmares, illness or demonic manifestation.
Distributed and re-branded by Wild Eye Releasing as "Paranormal Doorways"  (their trailer shows "scary" not "spiritual"). 

Key Poster

First feature ever made in 2013 about rediscovering God's words. 

Recommended age - tween

Submitted to an online Esperanto channel for translation & broadcast.

I Am Alone Poster Image

A short film about faith and robots. A short film about what happens when a cyborg is programmed to be so human-like as to fall in love ..and the woman it loves is a Christian...
2013 Project Sci-fi Official Selection

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