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What is "Spiritual Paranoia"?

Are Christians paranoid?

Fear vs. Peace 

What is "Spiritual Paranoia"?

"Spiritual paranoia" typically could refer to an excessive fear or anxiety about spiritual or mystical experiences or beliefs. This fear can be baseless or exaggerated and may interfere with one's daily life and well-being. To an outside observer, a Christian taking the prophetic warnings of scripture literally and acting on these warnings can appear paranoid if they are within a society that does not hold to the same foundations.

If Christians have a concern about the apocalypse, which is a belief in a end-of-the-world scenario described in the Biblical book of Revelation, but this concern may not necessarily interfere with their daily life or well-being. The peace of God can provide comfort, meaning, and purpose for many individuals, and it is not inherently problematic. It is when these beliefs and practices cause distress or impairment that it becomes an issue.

It is not paranoid to take heed of warnings if you see signs of them occurring in the daily news. It is natural for people to be concerned about potential threats and to take steps to prepare and protect themselves and their loved ones.

A rational Christian can be perceived incorrectly as paranoid. Perceptions and judgments of others can be influenced by a variety of factors, such as their own beliefs, experiences, biases, and the context in which they encounter someone.

It is possible for a person who holds strong Christian beliefs and expresses them openly to be perceived as paranoid, especially if their beliefs and practices are not well understood or are perceived as unusual or extreme by others.

The church has regularly thought they were living in the last days but that does not mean the end is not coming - just remember that while the film "Spiritual Paranoia" while having Biblical parallels to the apocalypse does not touch on some significant prophecies about the last days...

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Where we have experienced excessive chaos, Jesus describes the end of time like the days of Noah - it suggests a world that is carrying on business as usual before the sky falls. People getting married and being given in marriage. The covid lockdowns stopped everything.

Then, in Matthew 24 - Jesus said the gospel will be preached in all the world. Yet still there are billions of unreached people - just not in your neighbourhood.  So let the film provoke you to value the Word of God - while you are able.

Church - get busy.

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